Our Services

Our service packages and scheduling are fully customized to your pets' needs!


Before you sign on with us, we'll schedule a Meet and Greet to get to know your pet, establish expectations, and figure out which of our services is the right fit for you.

No need to stress anymore about who'll walk your dog when you have a full day at work! And when you're away, we help you avoid a stressful kennel experience for your pets so they stay in your home with all the one-on-one attention they deserve!

Plus, we work with the TimeToPet app for easy online booking requests!

From basic pawtrols to long strolls to in-home, overnight care,

we've got you covered!


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Our check-in service. This includes refreshing your pet's food and water if necessary. Also, a short potty walk (dogs) or scooping the litter box (cats) will be provided.

Mini Stroll/Stroll

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Our dog-walking service. Mini strolls are walks around your neighborhood, typically 20 minutes long. Strolls are 30 minutes, allowing your dog to get the exercise they need. These strolls will take place either in your neighborhood or at local parks, lakes, and trails (weather permitting).

Night Pawtrol

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Our overnight pet-sitting service. During these full night stays, our top priority is to the health, happiness, and safety of your pets. We want you to feel at lease and comfortable while you're away. Your dogs will receive daily exercise (mini stroll is included), and your cats will receive daily playtime, attention, and lots of love!