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Stroll Pawtrol got started in 2018 in order to give more individualized care for pets. Having worked with all types of breeds of cats and dogs, we truly understand that all pets have different needs. Our goal is to make sure all pets under our care get the same attention and care they would get if you were right there with them.


Stroll Pawtrol is lucky to have the opportunity to share the love of all animals with the clients and pet owners all over the Merrimack Valley (Massachusetts). We hope we get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon.

Kimberly Glynn

Kimberly Glynn is an animal lover from Boston, MA. She has been pet sitting for ten years and recently started her own pet sitting business. Stroll Pawtrol is a dog walking and pet sitting company that Glynn build from the ground up with her vision to provide the highest quality care for all pets based on their unique


She most recently worked as Kennel Manager at Best Friends Pet Care and is now enrolled at North Shore community college studying Animal Care. Glynn is passionate about her work and has a great understanding of the unique needs of each individual animal.

Amanda Swanson

Amanda has owned and cared for animals her whole life. At 14 years old, she apprenticed at a training facility where she learned she had a natural talent for working with dogs. During college, she worked in a doggy day care and pursued doing some private dog walking and sitting as well. Amanda has lived with animals since she was young and has always been extensively involved in training and caring for them. She has also helped foster dogs and puppies for the New Life For Paws organization. 

Having looked after dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, she has decided to take her love of animals to the next level by joining the Stroll Pawtrol team. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of animals and helping dog parents everywhere care for their furry family members.

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