We take care of your pet like you take care of your pet

Stroll Pawtrol moved to Northampton, MA! Servicing the Western Mass area. We know there's no substitution for you in your pet's life. Schedules are hectic, work gets busy, the kids need to be picked up,

and the dog needs to be walked...
but you can't be in multiple places at once

Whether it's a quick check-in, a long walk, or in-house overnight stays with your pet, Stroll Pawtrol is committed to making sure your dog is happy, active, and as well taken care of as if you were there yourself. 

dozer with ball.jpg

Part of Dozer's

Extended Family

Why do we love Stroll Pawtrol? There is no question we got lucky the day we brought Dozer home. He had a tough start to his young life, and we were honored to be able to make him part of our family. We knew we needed help, though, and in comes Stroll Pawtrol and Kim. From our first meet and greet, it was clear that she would become part of Dozer's extended family. We haven't looked back since.

Kim is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and she makes sure we know how Dozer's visit went and always shares pictures. We wholeheartedly recommend Stroll Pawtrol.

gemma and maya 2.jpg

Gemma & Maya Love Kim and Their Walks

I highly recommend Stroll Pawtrol for my dog walking needs. Kim is so very responsible and trustworthy, and she has excellent communication skills. Always lets me know if she notices anything out of the norm with either of my dogs. Gemma and Maya love Kim and their walks. She is the best!

Oliver and Cooper 2.jpg

The Best Situation for Oliver and Cooper

I highly recommend Kimberly and Amanda. They took great care of my dogs while we were away for a few days. I got multiple updates on how they were doing with pictures!! This was the best situation for Oliver and Cooper!! You could not ask for pets to be in better hands. Thank you both so very much!!!!

birdie lola 2.jpg

SO Lucky to Have Found Stroll Pawtrol

This weekend we went away for 4 days, and when we would normally put our dog in a kennel, this time we couldn't because we now have a puppy, and our older lady is getting too old to kennel... We were SO lucky to have found Stroll Pawtrol through recommendations.

I can't say enough good things about the experience. My dogs were so well taken care of and loved. I got updates all day and so many pictures (which I LOVED). My puppy even got a UTI while we were away, and Kim went to the vet to get her medication and administer it to her. She shoveled a path for the dogs and even washed a rug that the puppy got dirty. Talk about professional, reliable, and trustworthy!

So if you ever need a dog walker, pet sitter (she even took care of my neighbor's' cat) -- oh yes, and fish feeder -- I 10000% recommend Stroll Pawtrol! My two dogs are like my children; I don't take leaving them with anyone lightly, so trust me when I tell you they are so wonderful!

with stick
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Teddy 2
Lucky with toy